Here is a little something I have been thinking about.

Digitally capturing human thoughts (or memories) might seem to be impossible, but so were many other things in the past. You might not agree, so let me explain using a basic example.

Photographs – One of the most magical inventions of the past millennium, a photograph captures an image of what we normally see with our eyes. If you think about it, the idea of a photograph might have sounded ridiculous to you if you were born 500 years ago. A conversation about a photograph could go down like this:

Person A: “What do you mean? Is it a painting?”
Person B: “No, it’s not a painting. It’s exactly what you see with your own eyes – but it’s on paper and you can keep it forever.”
Person A: “So.. it’s a really good painting?!”
Person B: O_O

Similarly, inventions like wireless radio transmission, touch-screens, video cameras and tape recorders would all look like magic to someone who was not born in this era of technological advancement (and let’s not talk about the Internet).

Why, then, is it difficult for us to believe that one day we will be able to store our memories on a digital medium, or transfer our thoughts onto a computer?

Yes, just because we made great leaps in the past does not necessarily guarantee that we are going to be able to keep a copy of our brains in a safe-deposit box, but I truly believe that we are not as far off as we might imagine.

That’s all for now!

Please feel free to digitize your thoughts on this subject in the comments below 🙂

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