Tomorrow’s total lunar eclipse will not be visible from Malaysia. Nevertheless, the awesome people at NASA (as always) have set up a few things to allow us to participate, to watch, and to educate ourselves, from halfway around the globe.

Here’s a link to NASA’s page on the eclipse:…/features/watc…/lunar-eclipse-2014.html

At about 1:45 AM Malaysian time today (1:45 PM EDT), a NASA Planetary Scientist (Renee Weber) will be taking questions from the public through a Reddit AMA. If you have any questions regarding eclipses, or if you just want to talk to a NASA scientist, don’t miss it. It will only be from 2 AM to 3 AM. Here’s a link to Reddit’s AMA page (NASA’s AMA link will only be up later):

The eclipse itself will begin at 2 PM Malaysian time today (2 AM EDT). NASA has set-up a live stream for us to enjoy the view all the way from here. Here’s the link to that:

That’s it for now, folks. You’ve got the tools – make use of them!

Enjoy 🙂