Hello, people of Earth.
Our next BHT event will be on the 7th of June (next weekend). We have a few exciting things lined up for the upcoming weeks.
First, we will be joining the local Malaysian APOSL (Advocates of the Propagation of Science Literacy) science club to celebrate Nikola Tesla’s birthday sometime in July. I met Pepper of APOSL sometime ago (a big thanks to Angela for the introduction), and we will hopefully have more awesome things lined up for you.
A few weeks before Christmas, we’ll be screening a series of Christmas lectures at Black Hole Theater, in honour of Michael Faraday. Faraday started the first Christmas lecture at the Royal Institution in London in 1825, and this tradition has been continued every year ever since. We will begin with a 5-part series called “Growing Up In The Universe” (1991), presented by Richard Dawkins.
Till then, may your nights be filled with mind-calming starlight.